It shall be the duty of this committee to work with the County Mayor and his Solid Waste Director on matters pertaining to the operation of the convenience centers, sanitation matters, sanitation trucks, landfill operations and recycling programs. This committee will work with the County Road Superintendent to ensure the care, maintenance, rights-of-way and planning of all county roads and bridges as well as review proposed speed limits on County roads. The committee will review all proposed changes to the county road list on an annual basis. The committee will review matters pertaining to county building codes and inspections fees. The committee shall bring recommendations to the County Commission when necessary.

Environmental Committee Members  
Chad Norris 1st District
Kyle Davis 2nd District
Darrell Threet 3rd District
Charles Seiber 4th District, Vice Chairman
Terry Lowe 5th District, Chairman
Michael Speich 6th District
Mark Baldwin 7th District, Secretary
Deborah Holbrook 8th District
Carl MacLeod 9th District

Agenda for 05-06-19

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