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All committee meetings shall be open to all Commissioners. However, only duly elected members of the committee may vote on matters before the committee. However, non-members of the committee may be recognized by the committee chairperson unless a majority of the committee members object. All Commissioners, the public and the media shall be notified of all committee meetings with adequate public notice. Commissioners may choose, in writing, to be notified by USPS, email or both, submitted to the Commission Chairperson and County Mayor.

The role and jurisdiction of a Commission Committee is to investigate and study matters, provide information, and present recommendations to the Commission as generally described in the title of the committee and as more specifically defined in the subject areas listed under the title. Should any question arise as to jurisdiction of any committee, it shall be referred to the Commission Chairperson for determination, subject to an appeal to the full Commission at its next regular meeting.


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