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The County Agricultural Extension Committee is mandatory in counties cooperating with the state agricultural extension service. The committee has seven (7) members elected by the Commission. All members shall be elected under the provisions of Rule 17. (TCA 49-50-104). Three (3) members shall be Commissioners. There shall be elected to the committee four (4) members who are not Commissioners. Two (2) shall be farmers and two (2) shall be farm women, residing in different civil districts. The members shall be elected by the Commission for terms of two (2) years. Two (2) of the members representing the Commission, one (1) farmer, and one (1) farm woman, shall be elected in even numbered years, and the other members shall be elected in odd numbered years. The elections shall be held at the first meeting of the Commission in each calendar year. No member may be elected for more than three (3) successive terms. In the event there is a vacancy on the committee, the Commission shall fill the vacancy at its next regular meeting after the vacancy occurs, and the committee member filling the vacancy shall serve during the unexpired term of the member’s predecessor.
The functions of the committee shall be to:
(1) Act with duly authorized representatives of the University of
Tennessee extension in the employment or removal of personnel receiving funds from county extension appropriations.
(2) Act with the duly authorized representatives of the state agricultural extension service in formulating the county extension budget, and serve as liaison between the extension service and the Commission on financial and other matters relating to the work.
(3) Act in an advisory capacity on county extension program formulation; and
(4) Act in an advisory capacity on activities performed in connection with carrying out the program.

Agricultural Extension Committee

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