Kim Wyatt, Trustee
Kim Wyatt, Trustee

Primary Services:

  • Property Tax Collections


2 South Main St. Suite 111
Crossville, TN 38555
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Monday thru Friday: 8am – 4pm

(931) 484-5730

(931) 484-6284


Mission Statement

“The Cumberland County Trustee’s office is committed to providing exceptional service at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers. We strive to offer outstanding customer service to you, the taxpayers of Cumberland County.”


The Cumberland County Trustee’s office is charged with the responsibility of collecting taxes. The Cumberland County Property Assessor is charged with appraisal of properties for tax purposes. If you have questions about appraisals of property please go to the Cumberland County Property Assessor’s web page.

The Tennessee Constitution provides for a County Trustee for each county. The elected county office of Trustee was established by the Tennessee legislature based on the ideal that local taxes could best be collected at the local level and, by being an elected officer; the Trustee would be more responsive to the needs of the community at large. The Trustee serves a four-year term.

The Trustee serves as the treasurer for the county. The office handles all receipts and disbursements for the operating departments of general government, public education, and highways, keeping accurate records for each transaction. These are identified by a uniform chart of accounts authorized by the state comptroller’s office. The Trustee generates monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports.

The Trustee is responsible for mailing tax notices, collecting and issuing receipts. Tax notices are mailed in October and become delinquent after the last day of February of each year.

The Trustee must implement a sound cash management, depositing funds and in some cases investing idle cash funds.

The Tennessee Code Annotated describes the operating procedures under which the Trustee must adhere.


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Trustee Office Team
(Left to Right) Velma Christopher, Doris Tollett, Doris Smith, Kim Wyatt, Linda Bottoms, Sandra Campbell


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