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THDA: Covid-Related Rent Relief Available

Tennessee Housing Development Agency is partnering with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development to reach families in need.
More than $380 million in federal Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) funding is available for the State of Tennessee to assist eligible tenants through the COVID-19 Rent Relief Program (CVRR).
This program provides tenants with assistance for rental arrearages, future rent, and utility arrearages to low-income families who have been unable, or will be unable, to pay their rent due to a hardship they encountered caused directly or indirectly due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).
This program ensures that all qualified tenants are able to get the help they need in these difficult times and hopefully avoid the need for devastating and costly eviction. Eligible tenants could receive up to 18 months of rental and / housing stability assistance.
General questions concerning the program can be answered by reaching out to THDA at or by visiting their website:
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